a little help from my friends

I wanted to post a thank you to some of the people who got me into writing this blog.  If not by their kind words but their own supremely interesting sites.

First of all, thanks to Random Thoughts 101  for sparking my initial interest.  A good friend, and a good blog on many thing WNY, sports, entertainment, politics, you name it.

 Another round of applause to Jen’s 14,221 Thoughts.  I’m telling you right here that she’s got one of the coolest and most interesting outlooks on life as we know it.  Good stuff there.

For a great look at local poiltics, see Buffalo Pundit.  He also has great side dishes of state and national politics, cars, and what he often refers to as ‘snark.’  Dude’s really, really, good.

For the sports lover in all of us, I heartily suggest BfloBlog.  All things sports, and sports related.  See this guy after every Sabres game for a complete wrap-up that’s better than the local news. 

 Enjoy all of these blogs, and thank you for your support.


3 Responses to “a little help from my friends”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Welcome! Come join our webring…

  2. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    Thanks for the kind words Red.

    Rock ‘n roll !!!

  3. KevinP Says:

    Thanks, Red. Best of luck with the blog AND the bambina.

    Technically speaking, BfloBlog is a “we” site. I do the previews 90% of the time, and Mark does the recaps 90% of the time.

    This much mediocrity could not be produced by one man alone!

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