sandy beach. BPD. vincent schiavelli. WKRP?

I’ve read a bit about this subject on other sites, and even commented once or twice on other blogs before I started this one.  And I don’t really want to turn this into another debate on the parking ticket policies of the BPD.  Most of us have read about the Buffalo cops’ pseudo-blog, and how they ‘outed’ Sandy Beach by publishing his real name and residency.  Don’t even want to comment on that other than to say that I thought it was pretty shitty to strip him of his anonymity by posting an anonymous comment.  He was outed as Donald Pesola, address will not be posted here.  So I got to see what Sandy Beach’s real name was.  Sorry Sandy, your name is already out there. Can’t un-ring that bell.  And it rang one hell of a distant bell.  So I looked and I found this.  And I thought to myself, this cannot be a coincidence.  Vincent Schiavelli played YOU?

4 Responses to “sandy beach. BPD. vincent schiavelli. WKRP?”

  1. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    Hey Brian/Red, Sandy talked about the WKRP in Cincinnati episode. Nice work!

  2. Steve Gordon Says:

    Heard your email on his show!

  3. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    Tony, Sandy’s producer, was impressed that you have such a great memory!

  4. Steve Gordon Says:

    I believe it was once stated that Red is “a fountain of useless information”!

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