population explosion

Apparently the US is growing at unprecendented rates.  In today’s Sports section Alex Rodriguez discusses playing for the USA in the World Baseball Classic and is quoted as saying:

 “When you wear this uniform, you have the opportunity to represent 400 or 500 million Americans.”

So…who had all these babies?  Or is he counting all the illegal aliens?  Or did we really annex Canada and I missed it? 


2 Responses to “population explosion”

  1. inkbluesky Says:

    The Census Bureau Web site homepage has a population clock.
    U.S. population at 298,163,006 .
    world population 6,499,313,539
    it is estimated that the world population will hit 7 billion in 7 to ten years, which reminds me of an old John Hersey futuristic novel(not really sci-fi) called My Petition for More Space besides the problems of distributing and conserving resources, where does a person go to get a quiet moment alone..

  2. randomthoughts101 Says:

    A-Rod isn’t the brightest crayon in the box. He’s not a dumb jock but at the same time he’s not someone I would discuss my financial plans for retirement with.

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