working around (some of) the clock.

I was at work 10 minutes early today.  Usually I’m even earlier.  I hate being late for anything, but apparently some of my co-workers aren’t too worried about it.  That could have to do with the fact there’s no clock to punch.  Am I the only one that feels like these people just don’t care?

 What brought this up as well is that I watched the “AIS” episode of ‘Raymond’ last night and could easily identify with Ray’s frustration with his wife’s lateness.  Am I unrealistic, or is it OK to always be late?


5 Responses to “working around (some of) the clock.”

  1. brett Says:

    I get annoyed with people being late too (for work or anything)
    Today for some unknown reason i was a half hour early. Not sure if its to avoid traffic or drink more coffee.

  2. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    I hate when people are late. I was 50 minutes early today.

    I especially hate when UPS drivers are late with deliveries on Saturday afternoons when you are anxious to leave work and pick up friends to head to a Sabres game – know what I’m sayin’ Big Red?

  3. Red Says:

    I hear ya there, RT101.

    It’s just that I don’t get how people can be late no matter how much preparation, scheduling, whatever. Like it’s a programming issue in their head; a glitch in the mind’s perception of time, maybe.

    Drives me insane.

  4. Steve Gordon Says:

    Random Thoughts- In their defense, sometimes UPS drivers have to hunt down packages for Linda (was that her name?) and that delays them a bit.

    Being late once in a while is OK. When it’s someone’s routine, it becomes a pain in the ass.

  5. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    Good point Mr. Gordon. I’ll admit I am late from time to time. You are right, the key is consistency = annoying when it comes to being late for everything.

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