what on earth is that?

So someone mentioned the Wiggles earlier.  My daughter loves the show.  I can’t see why.  If you have children, what do you watch with them?

My daughter loves The Wiggles (Aussie weirdos, if you ask me), Bear In The Big Blue House, and Little Einsteins. 

And she has a very special liking for, of all things, SpongeBob Squarepants. 

 So do I.

11 Responses to “what on earth is that?”

  1. Steve Gordon Says:

    Little Einsteins, Sponge Bob and Shrek and Pardon the Interruption are the shows my son watches. I actually try and limit the amount of TV that is on in the house.

    My neice watches the Wiggles, so I’ve seen it a few times. Each time, I have been more disturbed than the last. These freaks make money for this show!

  2. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    Mr. Gordon, you spelled niece wrong. I hope you are not a teacher or something.

    Anyways, back to the topic at hand:

    – The Wiggles is queer. Very odd show. Gives me the creeps.

    – Spongebob is too loud and animated in my honest opinion.

    – Glad to hear Mr. Gordon has his son watching PTI.

  3. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    Just to be clear, if your kids watch the Wiggles there’s not much you can do about it. I don’t have kids but I just think the show is wacked out. The creator must be a real weirdo.

  4. brett Says:

    sponge bob is the best cartoon IMO

  5. Red Says:

    SpongeBob seems to have that special something that appeals to kids and adults in different ways. Kinda like Scooby Doo did back in the day.

    And let me tell you, The Wiggles proves that ANYONE can be famous. Those guys couldn’t get a real band together, so they did kid’s shows instead. Check out their bio’s on http://www.imdb.com for more info. Scary.

  6. Steve Gordon Says:

    Oh yeah, “I before E, except after C…”

    Wiggles are still strange.

  7. Jen14221 Says:

    Will loves the Wiggles and I am really really really tired of them. At least they have a few new episodes once in a while. You know you’ve seen too many Wiggles episodes when you can tell the year it was made by the opening credits.

    I just bought the DVD for ‘Here Come the ABC’s’ by They Might be Giants and Will loves it …. and so do I. So much cooler than those damn Wiggles.

    We also watch Maisy, Teletubbies and (God help me) Thomas the Train.

  8. Red Says:

    I never watched Teletubbies until one day that my father-in-law mentioned that Sammi (2.3 yrs old) loved watching, So one day I watched them with her. As she and I watched, I felt one of those vague memories stirring in the back of my head. Something was familiar. Then it hit me that it reminded me WAY too much of that “Time Machine” movie where the sirens would sound and the trolls or whatever would eat the beautiful people or something like that.

    I recoiled in horror. Sammi laughed.

  9. randomthoughts101 Says:

    Teletubbies – there’s something weird about that program too. Very messed up – how thinks this shit up?

  10. Steve Gordon Says:

    Boohbah’s. Saw it once at friends’ house. It’s a total acid trip.


  11. Enrique Wilson Says:

    what is randonthoughts101 watching kid’s programs if he doesn’t have kids. Now, thats weird.

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